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The Ethical Ad Platform

Performance Media For The Responsible Marketer

Acquire Casino and Sportsbook Players For Low Costs

By Targeting The Right Audience






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Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 15.03.48.png


The Ethical Ad Group has developed a unique way to protect minors and vulnerable audiences online from advertising of regulated products such as alcohol and gambling.
We focus on excluding the audiences you don't want so we can focus on targeting the audiences you do want.
Making your marketing more efficient and compliant for regulated industries.​
Working with Ninja Casino we achieved a 54% improvement in FTD acquisition costs.


"This is the future for online acquisition"

—  Christopher Naudi - Head of Online at Editec

We offer the best solution for sustainable gaming within the iGaming industry through our three-tier approach.


Contextual Targeting

Through focusing on online content that is aimed at adult audiences we can avoid ads appearing in front of children. If a device is seen to regularly consume content for adults but then from time-to-time children's content this can be flagged as a family device and excluded.  The degree of this targeting can be scaled up/down.

Audience Exclusion

We build audiences of children and problem gamblers through continuously growing deterministic data sources. By attributing specific devices to these vulnerable audiences we can exclude them from our advertising materials.

Predictive Modelling

By taking users in our known data sets of children and problem gamblers we can build models to further identify similar users online and exclude them. We are further developing a unique solution that will also enable us to identify users with potential addictive traits, with the hope  of minimising exposure before a gambling issue can even arise.


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