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Lasting Impressions with the Ethical Ad Group

With every ad impression served there is a hidden carbon cost to the environment.


In the time it takes a webpage to load a crowd of companies from ad agencies, ad exchanges, ad servers and data vendors all begin bidding on the ad space.


This requires thousands of calls to servers all requiring significant electrical power.


The digital ecosystem is become increasingly responsible for greenhouse gas emissions and it is growing more rapidly than that of civil aviation.

How it Works

Firstly, by reducing ad wastage, by improving ad targeting and only serving ads to the right audience we can minimise the unnecessary ads delivered.

Secondly, carbon capture. For every 10,000 ads delivered we will plant a tree to reduce global

 carbon emissions.

There are two approaches we are taking to reduce the carbon foot print of ad campaigns.

Group Planting a Tree

Profit from Plants and Grow Forests: Investing in Trees for a Greener Future!

Whilst ad impressions are delivered in milliseconds, planting trees will build a lasting impression that will continue to improve the environment for many years to come.

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